Burlesque performer based in Prague



Flower Fairy

A tribute to Mother Nature that blossoms with a delicate fusion of floral elegance and sparkling allure. This performance unfolds like a blooming flower, captivating audiences with its graceful charm.

Be Proud

This act was made for all the queer fellas out there. It is a sexy act about the journey of a queer person accepting who they are, breaking free from stereotypes and wear the wings of the rainbow with pride.

Not So Innocent

Some look innocent, but appearances can be deceiving. Classic act full of joy and glitter with the classic burlesque elements like corset and stockings. And all of that to a song we all know and love.


The Umbrella act is about coming home after a rainy day when you just want to rip off your wet clothes. It is a cute and teasing act that is easy to like.


klitooria burlesque performer

Klitooria is open for bookings

Let’s get in touch regarding burlesque show, private events, model jobs or if you have anything else on your mind.
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Step into the captivating world of Klitooria, the burlesque performer who ignites stages with her mesmerizing presence and empowering acts.
Embracing her sexuality and defying societal norms, Klitooria's stage name challenges perceptions, inspiring audiences to wholeheartedly celebrate their bodies and desires.

biting glove


Klitooria previously performed burlesque in Prague at:

  • Queeriety
  • Blue Burlesque Show
    by Zorya Blue
  • The Gay Agenda
  • Kabaret Punklesque
  • Queer as Hell
  • Criminal Queers
  • among others..

She has experience as a model, both in front of the camera and on the catwalk. During 2023 she participated in a fashion show at Ero Fest in Prague, and performed with House of Harlot at Prague Fetish Weekend.

In August 2023, Klitooria was also part of a music video by the artist LP, filmed in Prague at the John Lennon Wall and during Prague Pride. See below.

Photo: @de_vianti
gay agenda show
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